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In a recent ranking of 415 places across Canada, Oakville Ontario was rated as the #1 place to live in the country.  As proud lifetime residents of Oakville we are thrilled (though not surprised) that Oakville has been recognized so highly, but we wanted to take a closer look into the criteria of the rankings to uncover some of the key reasons for the honour.  This study is conducted annually by MoneySense using measurable statistics for an unbiased view, you can see the details here;

Oakville ranked very high in the primary category of “Wealth & Economy”.  The primary criteria for this category was unemployment rate and average household wealth and income.  This in itself is no surprise, Oakville has gained a reputation as a place for wealthy people, but the fact is that Oakville is much more than that.

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As Oakville Mayor Rob Burton told MoneySense, “We’ve become a very attractive place for people of diverse backgrounds.”  Supporting this characterization of Oakville is the fact that it ranked #1 out of all 415 places in Canada for “Best Place To Live For New Canadians”.  As noted by new Canadians that chose Oakville, they listed their criteria to include being in close proximity to the vast job markets of the GTA.  To that end, Oakville provides access to the vast Toronto job market without downtown pricing.

New Canadians also wanted close access to quality universities and colleges for older children as well as family-friendly communities with quality public schools for younger children.  Oakville offers all of that and was rated #5 out of 415 in the study for “Canada’s Best Place For Families” and was actually #1 of all places outside of Quebec (places in Quebec ranked especially high in this category due to their subsidized childcare system).  Oakville also ranked very well for having a low crime rate and crime severity.

A few other categories relating to a high quality of life that Oakville ranked well for were amenities and weather.  Oakville in itself offers an excellent array of amenities, and then when you add to it the easy access to a world-class city like Toronto and all of the other surrounding areas of the GTA and it’s no surprise.  Weather rankings were measured by things that included temperature and rainfall/snowfall.  While we fully admit that we aren’t exactly in the tropics here in Oakville, many people are shocked to hear about some of the cities that are further north than Oakville, Ontario.  They include;

  • Venice & Milan, Italy
  • Paris, France
  • Munich, Germany
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Monaco, Monaco

Oakville is also situated on Lake Ontario which oftentimes acts as a moderating force for our weather resulting in substantially less precipitation than most other places in the province.

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