We all get into ruts. We wear the same clothing, eat the same food, go through the same daily routine. The same goes for our home décor. We decorate our homes and then live in them not realizing it may be time for an update.

Making a few simple changes can spruce up a room, making it look fresh and new. Here is a list of 10 ways you can easily transform your room.

  1. Paint

Paint is always an easy way to update the look of a tired room. A fresh coat of paint can dramatically change the look. Check out current colour trends or go to where you can upload a photo of your room and virtually paint it. Play around with it, have some fun. Even painting one accent wall will change

the look of your room if you aren’t inspired to paint the whole thing.

  1. Add a rug

Adding an area rug can make a statement. A different colour and texture can transform the look of your room instantly. There is such a wide range of prices that it is easy to find something in everyone’s budget.

  1. Rearrange furniture

Try rearranging your furniture. Experiment with different set ups. You may be surprised how it can open up your room in a whole new way!

  1. Throw cushions

It’s amazing how adding a little pop of colour can change the entire look of your room. Play with patterns and texture. Throw cushions are an inexpensive way to get creative.

  1. Change your artwork

Brighten up a room with an interesting piece of artwork. Prices can vary drastically but I always have a look when I’m in HomeSense. They have such great prices that it doesn’t break the bank if I want to change it up often.

  1. Add plants or flowers

Adding a little natural green can make a room feel alive! Plants remove toxins and produce oxygen, giving your room a more energetic feel.  Fresh flowers can add fragrance and colour to your surroundings.

  1. Change your lighting

Lighting is so important to the mood of a room. Adding a dimmer switch is an economical way to adjust your lighting and make the room feel more appealing. You’ll also save on electricity! A strategically placed lamp can also make a huge difference.

  1. Window treatments

A well-dressed window is the focal point of any room. It can add character as well as help you adjust the lighting in the room allowing you to let light in or keep it out, depending on your needs.

  1. Change up your accessories

This is an easy way to change the aesthetics of a room. Before going out and purchasing new decorations, trying swapping décor from other rooms. That old vase may look tired in the bedroom but find new life when placed on your coffee table!

  1. Add a mirror

Adding a mirror to a room can really open up the space. It can make a room look bigger, especially if it is over-sized. Bigger is better in my opinion!

Hopefully these tips will help you take your room from drab to fab!

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