The prestige of owning a million dollar home in Oakville or in many places in Canada for that matter is certainly not what it once was. A review of the homes currently listed for sale in Oakville shows that nearly 70% of the homes for sale in Oakville are million dollar homes. In fact more than 23% are actually more than $2,000,000. The average current price for homes for sale in Oakville is nearly $1,800,000.

If you look at recent history you’ll see that the Canadian real estate market has continued to rise with price increases projected for 2015 again. When you look back at the period for 2000 – 2009 Canadian housing prices rose by a staggering 49% according to CREA. Unlike our neighbours to the south, prices didn’t fall from 2009 – 2012, they actually went up another 17%. The result is that million dollar homes have become the norm rather than a sign of wealth.

More than half of the million dollar homes in Oakville that are currently on the market are located in the south eastern section of Oakville called Eastlake. This is home to some of the finest lakefront properties and picturesque homes you’ll find anywhere. The area borders on Mississauga and is conveniently located to provide the peacefulness of suburban Oakville while being close enough to commute to Toronto making it home to many high paid executives.

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