Sandra M

Sandra McAughey has been a dedicated volunteer in the Oakville community for twenty years. She has proudly served on the Oakville Hospital Foundation since 1998, co-chairing the Father’s Day Run for years and working on the Candle Light Ball committee. In 2007 Sandra became a member of The May Court Club of Oakville. Sandra has convened the club’s anti-bullying puppet program, which involves performing puppet plays to elementary students. She is also an active participant for the nutritional program in the Oakville schools. She has been a great asset to the May Court Club’s fundraising initiatives as she co-chaired the club’s largest fundraising event of 2015- The Time to Shine Fashion Show and the club’s 2016- 60th Anniversary Fundraiser which raised record amounts for the club’s Scholarship program. Sandra has been appointed to the May Court Board of Directors for 2016 to 2018 as their Fundraiser & Sponsor Director.

Sandra’s volunteerism in Oakville has widened her awareness of wonderful organizations that help community residents in need. Sandra and her husband Kim are supporters of the Wellspring Birmingham House. In addition to all she does one organization pulled on her heartstrings this year- Lighthouse for Grieving Children. Sandra joined their Ambassador team to help with awareness of the essential work they do to help children that have lost a loved one. She is truly a passionate volunteer, which devotes many hours and works hard for the community and those in need. And finally, she is proud that she has instilled the importance of giving back to her children Emily & Sam.

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