LOCAL HERO Oakville Symphony _Jenny Peace & Paul Burghart PALERMO VILLAGE

We found this month’s Local Heroes in an unexpected place – behind the music stands of the Oakville Symphony orchestra. In addition to performing on the stage and in the lobby of the Oakville Centre for their regular concerts and kids’ mini-concerts, many of the musicians also take their instruments into the hospital, seniors’ homes and schools.

Who are some of these musical heroes?

Sharlene Wallace is one, and she was fine with the rehab patients trying out her harp after she performed some familiar Celtic tunes and a couple of her own compositions at the Oakville Hospital. Sarah Bina (violin) and her trio brought some Christmas cheer into the lobby of the hospital too.

Jose Shapero (cello), Máté Szigeti (flute), Paul Burghardt (piano) and Jenny Peace (trumpet) donned Santa and elf hats when they performed some festive tunes at Palermo Village Retirement Residence in December, with Jose repeating the honour on piano this time along with singer Caitlin Nugent at Revera Churchill Place.

Some lucky grade 1 and 2 students will get to hear more Symphony musicians during the Oakville Community Foundation’s Community Classroom program.

And everyone can meet some of these heroes in person on “Oakville Symphony Day” as part of the free activities celebrating their 50th season. See for details.

The Oakville Symphony’s community outreach program is supported by Access Abilities home healthcare store.

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