Ilona 2

Our hero, Ilona Kopriva, has contributed to our community in so many ways for many years, but this star shines the brightest during The Christmas Season. Twenty years ago this amazing lady had a dream, to share the wonderful magic of Christmas with local families and children. And so, the Oakville Children’s Magical Christmas Party was launched. Over the last twenty years Ilona and her Elves have fulfilled this dream for hundreds of Oakville children with all the Christmas magic a child and their parents could wish for. In Ilona’s words “Oakville’s Magical Christmas makes my Christmas have meaning.”

She does not rest when December is done. Some of the other local organizations that have benefited from this Christmas Angel include; The Oakville Hospital, Canadian Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides, Oakville United Way, The Canadian Cancer Society, The Halton Trauma Centre, The Drug Abuse Resistance Program, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Radius Child and Youth Services, Darling Homes for Kids, Lighthouse for Grieving Children.

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