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Enhancing to exterior look of your house is so important to impress potential buyers. It’s the first step to getting them through the front door. But if you are on a tight budget, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to make a difference.

Here are 10 tips on how to improve your curb appeal without breaking the bank.

1. Paint the front door 
The front door is a focal point of your home. A brightly coloured door is a great way to draw attention to your house and make it feel modern and inviting.

2. Power wash walkways, siding, fencing and driveway
Borrow or rent a power washer to give your exterior a fresh clean look. Quick and easy but so worth it!

3. Paint exterior hardware and light fixtures
Remove fixtures, grab a can of spray paint and give them a quick upgrade. Even your house numbers will look better with a fresh coat of paint.

4. Clean windows
Dirty windows can deter potential buyers. Give your home the wow factor with clean streak-free windows.

5. Clear the overgrowth
Over the years, some of us tend to ignore yard maintenance. Prune trees and hedges and remove any plantings that are out of control.

6. Lawn care
Do your best to get your lawn lush, green and weed free. Mow your lawn frequently. Edge driveway and sidewalk for a clean, professionally landscaped look. A fresh layer of mulch will make your property look well cared for.

7. Add flowers, plants and urns
Potted plants, flowers and urns are a great way to add dimension to your porch quickly, inexpensively, and easily. A seasonal display will make your home will look more appealing to any passerby.

8. Add a welcome mat
A fresh new doormat will make a nice addition to your entryway. Be sure to choose something generic that is welcoming but not too personal. It will also allow buyers to wipe their feet before entering.

9. Light pathways and driveway
Solar lighting is an expensive way to add ambiance. You want your home to have curb appeal at night too!

10. Hide unsightly items
Do your best to hide eyesores such as utility meters, air conditioners and garbage bins.
You can’t avoid having certain eyesores but with a little effort and imagination you can conceal them. Paint or strategically placed plants or fences can go a long way.

A few small changes will result in a big return on your investment. You will be left wondering why you didn’t make these changes earlier for you and your family to enjoy!

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